Monday, May 3, 2010

How to Play Splinter Cell Conviction Co-Op And Multiplayer

first get skidrow multiplayer crack and put it where it belong ok here we go ^ first create ubisoft account at UBI

and add account detail to Skidrow.ini and thats not my real pass so ..


and then ingame go to coop multiplayer > find match

then u will see login screen wait until login if u get below screen keep trying til login

after login click private match

choose game mode and Click invite friend ( remember to add ur friend he also must have ubi account )

click ur friend and invite and go back and have fun


Remember to add ubi account detail to skidrow.ini

tel ur friend to host and invite nw go to friends in main menu and click ur friend name and accept

click toggle statues to set ready and game will start have fun :D

add me as a friend if u want to play ^ LioNKoLLA


Robin.Bunkeflo said...

Do you have skype?Wanna talk to you about this, can't get it to work... Would like to play with you. Add me
"Robin.Bunkeflo" Or facebook. Robin Skoglund

ShonE said...

I Cant Neiher,I Keep Trying to log in but it wont work :(

Sreeraj Rs said...

guys my also same thing. by the way anyone want to become my friend. username=sreeraj