Saturday, May 24, 2008



Fear is one of the best fps games out there ! lot of ppl dnt ply it coz it too much scary ! its damen new experience to me ! i jst jump off my site few times ! whow Monolith studio done it superbly ! fps fans suld play this!

i made video of best moments in F.E.A.R sme gameplay and Horror ending !

Watch It NOW

and free multiplayer is awesome !

awesome multiplayer game ! everyone suld play ! its freeware so jst download the file and register and get cd key then u can play online free...

Download (1.7 GB)

Update 107 to 108 -44MB (recommended )

Register Here to get free cd key

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Dili said...

Nice Vid Lion :) Just lookin @ that shivers my bones. That was one of the scariest things I ever played..... the sounds... :\ Makes me so impatient for Project: Origin to show up.